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The Hough's

I can still  remember my first sip of Espresso.   It was my first taste of coffee.  I  was about 10 years old.  My cousin slipped me a cup of espresso he made  with his little 25 dollar counter top machine and I was hooked.  Ever  since then, I have been obsessed with espresso and finding that perfect  cup.

That pursuit of that perfect cup led us to start roasting  our own coffee at home.  We started in a frying pan, moved to a popcorn  popper, then came the commercial roaster!  It was natural for us to  roast in our home. We like to serve healthy, fresh, quality food in our  home.  When friends come over we love sharing hand crafted sour dough  breads, cheeses, and kumbuchas, kiefer, and anything else we could grow  or craft in our home. My wife Kari and I have always loved to cook.   Both of us grew up in the kitchen.  To us, hand crafted is more fun,  tastes better, and adds a special personal touch.  

When it comes  to Coffee we realized we could make fresher roasts, create higher  quality flavor profiles and find that perfect cup created by our own  hands.  So we started our own hand crafted roasts.  That took us on a  journey to experience the world’s coffees with their variety of flavors.  

When we started Keturah Coffee we were simply offering our  friends a chance to travel the world of coffee flavors together with us.    Keturah coffee offers you the opportunity to join us experiencing the  deep and earthy flavors of Indonesian coffees and the bright vibrant  flavors of African coffees.  Our Passion is in crafting fine blends from  those regional coffees.  The cord on blue chef has his spices.  We like  to bring the flavors of the coffee belt together in an effort to create  harmonious blends to make a memorable cup.

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Thank you for  choosing Keturah and being apart of our adventure.